Web Design

KDJ uses a very powerful CMS which has built in flexibility other systems simply don't have.  This includes:

  • Banners and content modules are entirely adaptable and able to match the needs of each individual client.  When the site needs refreshing, modules can be easily removed, edited or moved
  • If you wish to change the look and feel of your site no complex coding or time consuming rebuilds are needed
  • New photos and videos can easily be added to keep your site fresh and relevant
  • Once KDJ has built your site, a consultant can visit you and teach you how to maintain your site, or KDJ can maintain it for a minimal management fee.  Most clients with a minimum of computing skills have little trouble doing this themselves.
  • Where a site requires more complex revisions, our partners EWIDE will have their programmers talk to you about your requirements and set to work incorporating your requirements into our CMS.

Great features include:

  • Hi resolution static and slider banners with adjustable timers
  • Video banners
  • Standard Video incorporation
  • Standard Galleries
  • Social Media incorporation -all platforms
  • Text and information pods
  • E-commerce pods
  • Featured and Standard blogs
  • Accordion/tabbed pods
  • Call to action pod
  • Slide show module
  • Contact form with Google map
  • Resources module
  • Newsletter and Members section

Great Organic SEO scores

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process by which IT professionals secure top billing on search engines like Google.  This can be extremely expensive - between $2500 and $30,000 per year.  Do not listen to those who say you can get to the top of Google for $50 per week.  If that were true, everyone would be doing it.  KDJ's web sites have great organic scores and with some simple tricks you can beat many of the big guys without it costing you anything.  We will ensure your site scores as highly as possible without the need for SEO,