Market Research

Mission Statement

To provide high quality and professional research to clients, empowering them with trustworthy information to make informed decisions to ensure value adding to their business or enterprise.

Our promise to you

  • Professional research by Professional Researchers
  • Independent research, free from opinion or outside influence
  • Confidentiality
  • Thorough and accurate
  • Professionally reported
  • Cost-effective
  • Secondary and Primary resources used
  • Research that can be trusted

KDJ Commercial and Environmental Research will conduct research on behalf of clients using professional and ethical means to obtain information that allows clients to make informed business and policy decisions, ensuring the success of their operations.  This will protect the livelihood of the client, employees and the public, dependent on that operation.  KDJ will use the latest technology as well as tried and true direct methods to obtain information from all sources possible.  We will report directly back to the client in a form readily accessible to that client.

Industry Specialisation

Market Research

  • Direct and Indirect competitors
  • Consumer attitude to products and services
  • Consumer satisfaction and behavior
  • Product satisfaction
  • Consumer segmentation studies
  • Pricing analysis Marketing/Advertising penetration
  • Consumer demographics and sentiment
  • Small business preparation studies


Hospitality, Aviation, Education, Finance/Insurance, Small Business, Manufacturing, Retail, Public Service, Transport, Health, Charities/NGOs, Overseas businesses seeking to start up in Australia.

Human Resource/Management:

  • Employee/or appraisals, satisfaction or sentiment
  • Time and Motion studies
  • Incident investigation/WH&S incident analysis
  • Policy analysis and implementation studies

Professional Research not only saves you time, but it also saves you money and can prevent the heartache of failure.  Contact us now to discuss how we can meet your requirements