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What is the KDJ Marketing Community about?

Over the past decade of being a small business consultant I have received numerous requests for help from businesses who simply can't afford a consultant. Many just needed to bounce ideas for campaigns, or need a critical eye cast over marketing plans, but the cost of these services all add up. Leaving many businesses to flounder around the quagmire of free on-line advice put together by so called experts who know nothing about the context in which their advice is being used. ONE SIZE FITS ALL MARKETING SIMPLY DOES'T WORK!

Only last week I spoke to a client who complained about a $10 000 product she had signed up to, that simply wasn't working despite the sales person promising the earth. She lamented signing up before she had met me. KDJ Marketing Community was designed for those businesses who need a consultant, we will take the time to speak to business owners about their business and offer helpful, well thought out advice without the cost of comprehensive outsource contracts. KDJ Community has access to numerous resources to help business owners which are tried and true operated by real people, people business owners can talk to directly not nameless, faceless robots.


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What our clients say about us?

“KDJ consultants helped me focus on the elements of my business that were most important. This freed me from all those time-wasting activities that didn’t add value to my business. I learnt marketing was far more than just running a few ads … I’m glad the guys and girls at KDJ have my back!” ....Brad

“I knew I didn’t know enough about marketing but face to face consulting costs a fortune and we simply didn’t have it. KDJ Community offered us a lifeline to ask those questions we needed to ask. The consultants are happy to talk to us any time and they never make us feel stupid or like we know nothing. I can highly recommend them.” .... Kelly

“I had all these big ideas and if it wasn’t for our KDJ Community consultant I’d probably spent a fortune trying them all out. KDJ was able to advise me on what works and what doesn’t. They showed me how to design my marketing campaigns to get the best ROI, achieve the best outcomes possible for my business and for me personally. If you can’t afford to bring in consultants give KDJ a try.” .... Paul



“I was surprised just how much KDJ’s consultant’s really care about my business. When I told them, I was really stressed about how things were going, the consultant rang me to check I was ok after our initial conversation. They offered me practical advice and led me through all the steps, ensuring I was comfortable about what to do each step of the way.” .... Laura