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Free email and phone consultations, free marketing campaign analysis, free design and online presence analysis, 50% discount on face to face consultation, 25% discount on onsite marketing reports.  We can arrange discounts from KDJ's list of preferred suppliers, 50% discount on business training seminars and access to the members only resource library.


KDJ Consulting Group is committed to achieving the very best outcomes for your business because when you achieve great things - it shows that we have been successful.  For this reason you can trust us to work hard for your business.  Our consultants guarantee:

  • To always be contactable by phone or email
  • To discuss every aspect of your business in order to get the full picture, before they offer you advice
  • Cost efficient will always be a priority, we will discuss options and allow you to drive choices.

Your happiness and satisfaction is our priority!

All KDJ's consultants are degree qualified professionals, who will respond quickly to requests for advice in all areas of marketing and communication.  Our team regularly meet and discuss client needs, and, where a request is unusual or complex we will use our internal or external networks to find the answers.

As a business owner, you may have ideas about how to market your business, product or service.  Our consultants are able to case a critical eye over your plans and offer you suggestions about how they might be improved.  As professionals. our job is to help you manage your marketing campaigns more effectively.

Every marketing company tells you they specialise in digital media, but often the tasks are outsourced overseas with varying quality.  At KDJ all our digital functions are based right here at our Camden office  We are able to analyse your digital presence because we build our products right here.  We are happy to advise on how to iprove your online presence; including providing you with a SEO report.