About Us

Professional Service

KDJ Consultants are highly professional in their approach to their client's  individual needs. We find trust is built on professionalism and that trust is the greatest gift our clients give us.

In all our commercial dealings, KDJ Consulting Group subscribes to the AMI (Australian Marketing Institute) Code of Conduct and statement of business ethics.

Every business is unique; it's location, business sector, size, people and management culture all combine to provide the leadership with individual commercial challenges.

KDJ's mission is to assess the individual needs of your business and help you turn those differences to your advantage.

Good marketing doesn't work by formulas or recipes, it needs a professional who is able to assess your marketing needs and come up with creative strategies to meet those needs. KDJ Consulting specialise in 'out of box' thinking and that can only  help your business stand out in the market.

KDJ Consulting professionals are trained to not only rely on gut instinct but also on current research and best practice from Australia and overseas. This will assist you to come up with the best marketing mix for your unique business needs.