KDJ Consulting Group

 Specialising in small business marketing

 "Your success is our success"

KDJ Consulting Group

Specialising in Small Business marketing

"Your success is our success"

KDJ Consulting Group

Specialising in small business marketing

"Your success is our success"


KDJ Consulting Group

Specialising in small business marketing

"Your success is our success"

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It Gets Your Word Out

If you want your business to be successful, the service or the product you are offering must be known so that you will have potential buyers. If your business is unknown to the community and you don’t have any kind of communication with your customers, you need to use marketing strategies to create awareness for your service or product.


Market management

What services can we offer?

Comprehensive annual marketing report, market planning, strategic planning, expansion planning, branding, market research, corporate imaging, design and management of promotion campaigns, website and social media management and design and more...  We will work extremely hard for your company.

KDJ Community

Join our Marketing Community

Free email and phone consultations, marketing campaign analysis, design analysis, 50% discount on business training seminars, access to members only resource library, 25% discount on marketing reports, 50% on face to face consultation, free analysis of online presence.  

Digital Marketing/Social Media

Get your social media on track today

We offer ongoing social media management, content creation, identification and reach of target market, special promotions, styling and creative direction and event management.  We can help you increase in website traffic, create your brand identity and increase interaction and engagement with key audiences.

Web Development/Design

Great Organic SEO scores

As a marketing company, we work hard not only to give you a site that is pleasing to the eye, but one that adopts best practice marketing principles and does what every website is supposed to do.  Communicate your message to your potential clients, project a positive corporate image to the market place and build traffic to your business to increase your income.

Business Training

Take advantage of our training opportunities

At KDJ, we offer various training opportunities with our consultants.  These can be in areas such as customer service, business IT, employment, market and business planning.  We can also offer Australian Quality Framework qualifications.


In this age of media overload, it’s important to have marketing and promotional materials that slice through all the clutter with clarity. Whether it’s a billboard or a business card, transit advertising or a corporate brochure, a magazine, television or cinema ad, we provide high impact marketing communication tools — that really get results.

KDJ Media

Our experienced team has the creative talent and technical expertise to handle any project large or small — a cinema or television ad, interactive presentation, trade show booth, signage, billboard — whatever you need — we’ll integrate the design across all media for the greatest impact.  We can help you stand out from the crowd, communicate your message, and make a real connection with your target audience.  That’s Visual Marketing!

Market Research

We use research instruments scientifically designed for your project; combining the latest in qualitative and quantitative primary methodologies as well as many tried and true secondary methodologies. Clients will be included every step of the way in the design and execution of their project. Once completed the report, plus all data analysis and data sets become your intellectual property.


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"Your Success is our Success."

KDJ Consulting Group is committed to achieving the very best outcomes for your business because when you achieve great things, it demonstrates that we have been successful. For this reason you can trust us to work hard for your business. Our consultants guarantee:

1. Our consultants will always be contactable by phone.

2. Your consultant will visit your business regularly

3. They will discuss every aspect of your business, in order to get the full picture, before they offer you advice.

4. Cost efficiency is always a priority and we will always discuss options and allow you to drive choices.

Your satisfaction with our service is our priority!







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